What’s forever

I miss you now more than ever,

That’s for ever,

It has no end but a meaning.

Still thinking about the memories in the darkest hours.

And thats every night,

When the moon shines bright.

Sometimes I think about quiting it,

Leaving everything and everyone behind.

Not knowing the bigger picture,

because I ain’t picturing it since you ain’t here no more,

and that is for sure.

The darkness gets me and the light seems to be smaller.

I try to keep my head up, but it’s hard when you are on your own

Standing in a room full of people, why do I feel so alone

Not knowing the answers but looking for the questions.

D.A.D I miss you, knowing I will never say your name no more.

Hope you find peace , if you do ..

Send some to me too. plz.


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