You will be missed

I miss that day…

It was the summer of 1999, yes I know that is a lot of nines.

The first year my brother and I spend as siblings.

The first year my mother saw her two children again.

And on one summer day we spend the whole day together as a family.

Just the three of us.

My mother didn’t had a lot of money,

She counted all the small changes coins she had and bought us ice-creams.

We didn’t had a picture together.

But on that day we took a picture,

Just my brother and I.

When we took that picture, I remembered my mother face.

She smiled when she took it,

My mother hadn’t smiled in a while.

Her mission was finally completed,

To get all her children together in a land full off opportunities.

No matter how long and hard the road will be, she would give her life for us.

With or without a man.

I miss that day,

Seeing the smile and hopes on my mother face.

I miss that,



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