The Dick ain’t greener on the other side

Last week I had a date with a guy named Josef. He was smart, ok looking and had a crib that was his. I tried to force myself to go on a date with him, simply because I thought he was stable and had his life figured out. But to be honest, there was no connection between him and I, like we didn’t shared the same interest in music and stuff. He was too good and soft I guess. So I skipped the date and told him I was very tired from work, that part was true. What also was true, was that I forced myself to go on a date with a guy I totally did not like.

The next day, I had a date with a guy named Milo. This dark handsome man I met on a festival. Fo sure, fo sure there was a connection between us. Same music taste and fashion taste. He looked like the next best rapper/producer and had certain looks like ‘Metro Boomin’. So we linked up, smoked a spliff and listend to music.

And then you know, things happend. There was this sexual connection and gawdamn I needed some juice. Anyway’s his kissing game was ok and his dick game was weak asf. Like no passion at all, no ritme at all. I was like, seems the outside of this man dingo doesn’t know how to work.

Anyway’s, Milo was to good to be true. He left asap, like there was a fire in my house. What was not, lol. So then I thought, I skipped the ‘good guy’ for this looking ass rapper who doesn’t even spit barz.

Long story short: ‘The dick ain’t greener on the other side’

Fo real.


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