The fear

There I was laying on the cold, concrete floor

Did know what happened, but all I felt was pain

I was laying there and I didn’t cared if it was my time,

I thought god, take me

All these foolish plans, they don’t gonna work.

But I didn’t wanted this life,

all this pain , all this stress, I did my best

Every night I felt the darkness, no light was shine up on me.

My mother alone and my father dead, dear god what is happening

I needed a hand, a shoulder, a voice a guide.

Instead I .. I..

I don’t know, I try and try too see something good, but all I was seeing is bad.

Bad decisions, It’s like I don’t have a choise.

I get what I ask for, but is this it.

How can I make my pain in to a succes, I ask myself..


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