MIC Lowry in Amsterdam

‘Amazing performance and humble artists’

About a month ago a good friend of my asked me to go to a concert with her. I asked her who is going to perform. She then said a boy band named Mic Lowry, honestley I’ve never heard of them. Then she opend up Youtube to show me some music video of the boy’s.

I instantly fell in love with their voice. They have several music video covers with different songs in them, like a smash music. Everything they do is acoustic and their vocals are alway’s on point. I did some research about the band and right away I followed them on Instagram.

They have a lot of followers, mostly in Europe. They’ve been busy with singing and performing for a couple of years but it seems 2016/2017 is going to be the big break year for them. They were the supporting program for Justin Bieber for his purpose tour and that say’s a lot about the talent of the boy’s. Because if you are doing a tour with JB it’s kind of a big deal. I think because they joined the tour the boy’s are getting more recognized by people.

So about a couple of weeks a go the boys decided to have their own tour. And let me say this, the fans of them were waiting for it. So I decided to see them live in person and get my meet and greet ticket.

Their flight had been delayed to Amsterdam and the fans ( mostly girls about 14 till 27 years old ) were waiting from 2 o’clock in the afternoon just to see the guy’s. My friends and I arrived around 6 and the line was pretty long..

Around 7 we had a meet and greet with the guy’s, all the girls were freaking out and just wanted to speak, touch and get to know them up and personal. I tried to keep it also cool, but I was freaking it out inside my soul. Because it’s not everyday you meet a celebrity .

It stood out that the guys were pretty cool themselves, they were chatting with everybody and took pictures with the girls. Also I noticed the guys were very down to earth and they were so surprised about their own fame. You could really see the passion in their eyes when they talked about how amazing their journey was.

While the crowd was waiting on the performance a dutch girl band named TP4Y singed their own songs and they were pretty good, good vocals and their outfits were on fleek.

When it was time for the boys to perform, they delivered it with a capital D. One direction got nothing on them lol. They covered songs from Drake to Bryson Tiller and their own songs such as Oh lord and Tuxedo.

Mic Lowry – Oh Lord.

Look out for these guy’s because trust me, they be stealing and selling the show.


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