About you

This is what happens when I think about you,

I get in my feelings,

I stop and reminiscing about you.

Is it the fact that I never had you and you never had me. And in that moment that we thought we had each other we only had that moment. Tell me, it’s been two years now would you still see me as who I am when we were alone. Just the two of us. I know the stories about me are going around, I can’t say it’s true, so there for you know it’s true. You still on my hit list the only feeling I get when I listen to Ray-J ‘if I had one wish’.

In every other faces I thought I saw you, but nothings more true that you will only live as long as my memories won’t fade. So every time around this time, I look outside or I close my eyes and think about you.

Asking myself the question, what was that about you…





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