Golden tooth

It was on a cold day the first time I saw you. I was working you were eating. I noticed you from a distance, you wore a hat with the caption ‘Cocaine & Caviar ‘. You was sitting at a table full of grown people so I thought you were to old for me. But my eyes could not lose you.

I passed by the table to collect the empty plates and glasses, I looked at you. You smiled, ‘blink’ there it was. Your golden tooth and if that wasn’t sexy enough your hand was tatted up. I was like damn, what’s your name, where your from, what’s you sign, do you have a girlfriend and so not can I be the one..

Anyway’s as young as I was, so brave and full off ‘You only live once’ mentality, I decided to offer you a drink. A whiskey, so you noticed how brave I am to talk to a man like you.

My heart bounced, BOOM BOOM BAM. I bend over towards you, you looked up to me with your hazel brown eyes and your soft skin. I said: ‘Here’s a drink for you it’s on the house * Wink’. You smiled and then said with as sexy voice that makes my panties drop, ‘Thank you’.

As my shift ended, I grabbed some food to eat in the restaurant where I worked. I was on my blackberry and was chewing my warm food. As I was looking around I didn’t see you anymore, so I thought you were gone. But while I was turning my back to talk to my co-worker, she said: ‘Look behind you, the dude you like is walking here’. I was nervous as hell, like god damn you really trying to talk to a girl like me. You said: ‘Hey’ I said:’Hi’.

‘So are your free?’, he asked. ‘I said yes’. He then shoved his blackberry towards mine hands to put my number in it. So I did it, he was totally my type, the looks, his smell, his tattoos. Oh my lord.

Day’s went by and all I thought was this papi chulo. We sent each other messages and the first date was coming. He invites me over to his place, it was like 10 min. away from mine. Did I mention the dude was 26 and I was 18. I told him I was 21, lol I know right bad ass. But he was to hot to let go off.

So I went to his casa, I put my best outfit on. His condo was huge, he had this black long couch and a big  screen T.V. We talked a lot, he made me laugh, I felt this connection and he felt it too. He then approached me, held my head with his big hands and then In felt his big ass juicy lips. I could not believe it. This man, this god damn handsome man. Was everything I wanted, he had his own crib, car and a good job. He had the looks I wanted, tatted up and a golden tooth. In my ghetto dreams I dreamed about a man like this.

But deep down I know my mother would not let this man put one foot through the door.

Month’s went by and each time I felt a deeper connection towards him. He picked me up from work. He called me on the regular and every time I was around him it felt like a dance hall music video. So this one time he brought me back home, music was playing: Go Go Wine by Beenie man. And I looked at him and it really felt like he was my Caribbean prince. He drove a BMW and when he pushed the gas you could really hear the engine. So one night I tried to sneak in the house, my mother had heard his car driving by the house, so she yelled: ‘You were with somebody with a loud engine weren’t you’ I just smiled and walked towards my room. Because in that moment I wanted to live in the dream.

Then I had to make a decision between him and this other dude who isn’t relevant in my life anymore. I choose the other guy, because I knew he was just a dream. And in that moment I lived but by the next day reality woke me up..




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