Fall items

So the leaves are falling down the trees. You now what time of the year it is. Fall, personally I don’t like fall because some day’s it is freaking cold and other day’s you will be thinking what should I wear outside..

Anyway’s been on a online shopping spree and everywhere I look I see those damn fluffy coats. These coats are a must item in your wardrobe for this fall. Some are only fluffy on the outside and some are fluffy both inside as outside so you will not get it cold in these streets.


A clothes item that will appear every year is a cozy and warm sweater for every weather. Me, I am looking for a pink color sweater. Because soft colors will be in this spring, like pink and peach.

You know what is also a classic coat that will be running the game for ever and ever? A trench coat. You can combine the coat with a hoodie that will give you the urban look. A little classy with a sassy attitude.




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