Stop frontin

So you gonna act like we never made love, Like we didn’t where mad in love. You gonna just walk pass me, like you didn’t even see me. Tell me what’s on your mind, could we spend some more time.

Time to tell you how such a dick head you is. That no matter what you gonna do, you never never gonna be on my level.

Every time I see your face it is such a disgrace, how a woman of my league would or could ever fall for your face.

It’s true what they say, never trust a wolf in sheep clothes. You torn me apart, put a knife straight through my heart. You blinded my sight, thank god I found the light.

The light to a better me, a peaceful me. The next woman who enters your trap, would see sooner than later your ugly disguise.

So every time I see you and say how are you doing, I really mean : Hope you drop dead and stop frontin with your weak ass in the same club every night.





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