Crazy story: The unexpected side chick

Crazy story to tell, but then again life is crazy so I just laughed my ass off when crazy shit happens to me. It’s better to laugh it off then to worry about it, right?

Anyway’s let me tell you about the time I saw this fine looking man at the supermarket. He was almost fully covered in tattoo and had just the right looks to yell ‘Just hit it daddy’. Anyway’s he was looking at me and I was looking at him. We both finished doing our groceries so destiny brought us together to the parking lot.

While I was opening my car I could see his damn fine hazel brown eyes lurking at me and I was like ‘you gonna talk or nah?’. So he opened his window and ask my name, we spoke for 5 till 10 min. and then we exchange numbers.

Back at the crib we texted and send each other voice notes. I could not wait to have a taste of that fine ass piece of caramel fudge. So it’s 2016 and ladies should sometimes take the role to ask a man out on a date, so I did.

He replied, ‘yes for sure, I would love that mami’. Well you could just pick me up on the floor, because I just died from that el fuego text. Day’s went by and we still texted, but when it was time to finally meet again I got this text from a unknown number.

I was shocked at first, but then I laughed as hard as I could. The text message was from the man’s wife. She texted me she had seen the messages and she was letting me know that he had a wife and a child and that they lived together, so if I was planning to see him I should watch my back. I was like, wait a minute, hold up, freeze, pauze, he didn’t say anything about a wife and a child and that he had a FAMILY?!

I texted back that I didn’t know about the situation and that he never told me about it and if I knew I would never planed or even talked to the asshole. She replied, he had been texting several females and that she also was shocked.

I was like I only wanted a date and maybe taste the man if he was single and not the drama????!!

The first thing I did was deleting the son of a bitch from all my social media accounts and deleted his number. I looked at the wife’s whatsapp profile picture and she looked good. I was like how you gonna cheat while you have such a lovely family, I even saw his child. He had a daughter. The disrespect he gave was to real to his wife.

I ain’t never gonna be a side piece, not in this life time and not in the next.



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