In that moment

I don’t know what to say, so I just stared. I looked at you, you closed your eyes. You were tired of the several session we had and I just had enough. You past me the blunt and I light it up.

Every time I looked at you it was like a dream come true. We didn’t say much, because we knew we had a good vibe. I loved your hair, so curly and thick. You loved me for me I knew that, you liked me because I was me all the time. You made me smile even it was just for a while.

Even tho we had  different life when we saw each other we made sure there was no difference at all. Tell me, would you be with me even if I had a past so bad you would still for give me for my sins and accept all my flaws. I ain’t perfect but you aren’t either, I would be sacrificing a lot for you just to smile again, just to feel the same feeling every time I look at you when you close your eyes.

I know you be on the grind, I know you been beefing with your baby momma, but tell me if we ever had the chance would you make it work. I loved to wake up to you every morning while the sun shines at 30 degree. I love to go to places where we can eat simple, no fancy stuff just us.

I’ve never been in love or even falling in love. But if I could choose, I choose to fall in love with you and if didn’t work I know I had a great time with you.

The morning comes and I still stare at you, I stare to collect this moment in my brain. So every night when I fall a sleep alone I will be thinking of this image. Your beautiful face just resting, closing your eyes, your beautiful soft sun kissed skin..

I hope it never fades away, and if it does I hope it never fades in your mind.

I pick up my clothes and just stare again at your face, I gentle wake you up and you smiled to me. I dropped you off in the middle of the island and we kissed like there was no tomorrow. Because tomorrow I would be gone and you, you were doing you.

Drumi dushi.




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