Top 5 worst date ever

So yeah you know, when your single as fuck you got to hit the dating scene once in a while or pick one season to date random people. So I did, back when I was just a little naive girl I almost dated every  day, just to get free food tho. Let me tell you about the 5 worst date ever..


I met this guy online, because my social media profile was LIT as fuck. He liked ALL my pictures and left a comment almost under every god damn photo. So I just liked some of his photo’s back. He started to follow me on my profile and I started to follow back, so we chatted, he was 100% a NERD. But okay, I was hungry and bored like usual. So he hit me up to eat something, I was like yeah okay. So I could choose a place to eat, I chose a Spanish restaurant. While I was eating and talking to this guy he was totally staring at me, I chewed with my mouth open just to stop him to stare at me but he was totally eye fishing me like damn, do I got something in my damn nose?! And that was the last time I saw him.

4. Shaky Shaky

I don’t get it why people are so nervous when they meet someone, I mean I am not a Victoria Secret model. Just be you, but anyway’s I met this guy and I gave him a chance to get to know me better. But every time we meet he just didn’t know what to say and he was nervous as hell to give me a hug or something you know, I was like dude relax. When he gave me a hug I was shaking to, because he was nervous. And there was always a awkward silence. So I dumped him.


Okay ladies, when you are young you don’t know what to do with a dude. I get it, but if a dude don’t know what to do with you he isn’t a man at all. I met this guy in a public place and I thought we gonna have a drink or something to eat. This mother fucker walked circles with me in a mall to just chit chat, what a waste of my time. Just entertain me next time instead of walking around in circles AWKWARD !


I don’t mind to chill at your place, but if your place smells like dead animals and your room is nasty as fuck, don’t even think to invite me. So yeah, I met this dude, he said won’t you come over I was like okay, leggo. So ring ring goes the door bell and I didn’t believe my eyes like what the fuck is this? So you gonna invite me to see your dirty ass room/house. Block, delete, boy bye I don’t know you, you don’t know me okay.


This one was THE WORST DATE EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. So okay, I met this guy and he was texting me, calling me every single day. And I was like okay, I see you boo boo, I see where you wanna go with me. So I gave him my precious time to see me in real life. We met in the city and I asked him: ‘What are we going to do?’ and he answers, just wait for it.. : ‘Where do you wanna eat you can choose : BURGER KING, KENTUCKY or MC DONALD’. GIRRRLLL, my face fell of my god damn head, I was like what did this low life asked me, fast food on the first date I’m not 13 years old. Like how in the world could you asked a girl on the first date if she want some fast food?! That’s a NOOOOOO GOOOO, be a little bit civil okay. I didn’t stay long, I said my  fish had died and I took the bus home and you know what the deal was, BLOCK, DELET, BOY BYE, TILL NEVER EVER NOT IN THIS LIFE TIME OR THE NEXT ONE for sure.

*What was your worst date(s) ever? Drop your story below, wanna hear y’all awkward moments and lol behind my p.c hahaha okay love x.




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