Who is it then

And if it’s not you, who is it then.

Don’t say you can not be more then a friend.

Really I don’t understand.

All those messages, all those calls, even face timing that say’s it all.

You made me feel like I could be serious for this one time, gave you my time

You said things like : ‘Yes you could be the one’, not knowing you just wanted to get up in my drawls.

The first time I saw you, you weren’t even that good looking, you weren’t even close to my type. You just a hype..

And still after that, I tried to look beyond appearance.

I loved your way of talk, even tho you talked a lot about yourself and love to brag. But that is one of the signs of being a fuck boy.

Day’s went by and you still lingered all in my arms, I looked at your big ass for head asking myself ‘do I even like you or do I like the feeling with you, is it the moment or is it the idea of being with someone?’

So many question, but I tried not to think about it. I didn’t then, but I do now. Don’t know how, to stop it. But clearly, the answer has already been said.

I asked you : ‘what is your plan?’ , you answer:

‘Look, I think your very sweet and got a big, good heart but I ain’t looking for commitment, I ain’t looking for a relationship, I ain’t stable. So when I’m with you, it’s nice to be with you, so let’s keep it that way’.

I was like, please.. If you only wanted to fuck me why didn’t you asked then. I remembered the text messages where you said you were searching for something more serious because you’r getting older and I believed that.

I pull up my big girl pants and said : ‘Aight cool ‘, you asked are you mad..

I was far from made, I was close to IDGAF. What you thought, I ain’t no weak ass, clingy ass, in my feeling ass kinda bitch.

But there was something about u, that made me believe in the fact that I could ever be serious with someone. Guess my feeling was wrong and my mind was right, all these boys they want one thing..

And one thing only,



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