Before I do

I’mma keep it real with you,

That’s just the type of shit that I do.

Tell me the truth,

All I can see is lies,

In your eyes.


No it wasn’t, never meant it.


So before I do,  just let’s make things clear.

You’ve been running through my mind.

All the time, It don’t even bother me.

Can’t you see.

Try to text, try to call, shawty you my future.


No it wasn’t, never meant it.


Even the convo’s that we had.

You made me laugh,

I put your past in the past.

Where it belongs,

Go grab my chin and give me a kiss.

Nah, I never wanted to be dismissed.


No it wasn’t, never meant it.


So before I do,

Let’s make it real.

I just wanna be up all in your ear.


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