Karma is a blessing


Well, well, well..

Been dating since for ever. So let me tell you about a story called ‘Karma is a blessing’ (This happend yesterday to me so lol)

Anyway’s, back a while 5 or 6  months I dated A guy we call him mister bighead, because he has indeed a big head. We’ve dated for 2 months there was a connection, mentally and sexually if u know what I am saying and he made me laugh all the damn time.

He lived in a other town, but he put some effort to see me, to talk to me about everything. But one day on a sunny, happy, positive day, he changed. Straight outta the blue, I didn’t see this coming. Well, Well..

One day, we talked less and less. No face time, no good morning texts, no goodnight calls. I was all up in my feelings thinking I did something wrong. I looked in the mirror to see my beautiful self and thought, hell nah girl. He missing out and get back on track, dump his big for head and let it go.

So I let the it go, no ‘hey how u doing’ texts and no ‘look at me now’ snaps. But then on a other beautiful, positive day.. getting ready for work, prepping myself all up there he was. Calling me, I was like okay whats this.

He told me, his first girl found out about us. I was like, totally in shock didn’t know what the fuck was going on, I thought he was dating only me. NOT..

So I answered, well don’t know what too say but I hope u happy and u got to do you.

Months passed by, felt a little bit stupid but worked on me, myself and I. Drank enough water , sport often and did hella lot of fun things. And had a couple of booty calls, to forget mister bighead. I was and still is in a good space.

On a other beautiful, blessed day this big head called me anonymously. I answered and he said: ‘it’s me’. So I stopped breathing and laughed in myself. I was like ‘why you calling, what do you want? ‘

Long story short, his first girl didn’t want him because he wasn’t loyal. (So)

And I was like, listen big head.. You had me all up in my feelings. I thought I was gonna be your girlfriend that we were serious dating and stuff like that. But it was all bullshit, you had me hanging up side down. So you know I am doing good, better than ever and actually don’t need you no more all up in my good, positive space so boy bye.

He then told me he was sorry and that he left a good girl. Uhu, so you know he noticed my kind, gentle and big heart.

I was like, thanks for calling but your service is no longer needed, have a great life.

Moral of the story, there is a reason why you never should go back to big heads…



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