Fitting in the shoe

My life been crazy from the gecko. As a little child I didn’t know what to expect but I definitely knew what I want, in life and for life.

I cross the boarders when I was 4 – years old. My mother practically raised me on her own. She always was hard on me and I was quite a handful child. I wasn’t the trouble child but I did some stupid things when I was a kid.

My mother and I never seem to meet each other eye to eye. She got a different mind and life view. I always say she is from the older generation. It is sometimes hard for me to grow up in a new society but still follow my culture vision of life.

For example, I am now 22 going up to 23 end of this month my b-day ( YASH ) and my mother see’s me as this young, reckless, no manner girl with no goals in life. She said I am always dreaming and fantasizing about stuff that isn’t possible. Well if she only knew my own experience with certain things I made my dreams come thru.

But well, she said when are you going to be serious with your life, find a man, build something together raise a family. You can not live your life for ever like this, going out enjoying yourself every weekend en do fun things.

large (1)

And I was like woman, why should I follow the normal rules of society and of my culture. To study, get my diploma, find a decent job and then settle down. HELL to the freaking way no. I am going do me, all day every day, 365 day’s a week. HOW ABOUT DAH ?!

I am so tired of doing things by a certain protocol, you have no control over life and life doesn’t have control over you. Like Kim K married when she was 30 and had her first baby at 31 so.. You know got plenty time.




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