Its the year 2017 and by now everyone got a social media account if you don’t then you live under a rock or you aren’t into social media at all. Even old people like above age 50 got a social media account, they have facebook and comment on everything and anybody. Who hasn’t got the auntie in the family that post every morning ‘have a bless day’  on facebook well I do.

Anyway’s I’m like sometimes over the whole goddamn internet, tumblr, facebook, snapchat, even linked in with my real name duh. And my biggest social account Instagram. I often post a lot of selfies because wel, who doesn’t like a selfie of therself when your outfit is on point and your make-up is hella glammed.

I haven’t have much followers it is mostely 300-400 and I follow people who I know and celeberties of cours. Or just beautifull people with a rich lifestyl, just to like their photo and say in my head one day that would be me too.

This weekend I went to a Hooka lounge in Rotterdam. It’s called Lavetta Lounge. I’ve been here before with my girls and the atmosfeer is alway’s chill, good music, good serves and of cours good hooka’s.

But one of the managers or owner ( I don’t know actually ) follows me on Instagram. So I just posted a selfie that day and he liked it. So when my friend and I sat there he was coming towards her and asked : ‘Lady I got a question, I follow you on IG right?'( and he followed my friend also on IG) So my friend C said :’Yes that’s true, I’ve been here before’ So the manager said :’Are you ManisahAiko?’ And she looked at me and I looked at him like IS YOU BLIND, I am her not she. My friend and I don’t look a-like at all, she got curly hair and I got wavy/straight hair. Also I am asian she’s not.. So he went like : ‘Oh okee, excuse me, here a nother wine (because I had wine that night) it’s on the house.’

(BISSHHH I drank that wine if it was my last one and I was like you betta recognize this face good good)

I am not instafamouse but deep down inside I would be, because hello who doens’t like to have free stuff or promote a party or stuff. And I really don’t care what people think of me..

Would you be social media famouse?



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