it should be

It should be easy, but why is it so hard.
Why we finding our self in spaces where we make it harder for each other.

I be looking at you when u sleep and every time I be thinking I’m happy,
I hear your heartbeat, I can almost see your dreams.

But when the sun comes up the happy is gone and I don’t know where I belong.
I change my vision every single season, there’s a new catch and every time I don’t catch something I ask myself what now..

The storm has passed and summer is coming and every summer it’s the same damn story. I can’t remember well god damn I can’t even count them no more.

I need a book, a book where I can write all those names. Because every time I delete the numbers or change the names.

This love game ain’t the same.

My eyes full, my mind spinning and my heart empty. Even in the summer it’s freezing. It’s like a picture it could never be filled.

Filled with love, filled with joy..

Ah, what the hell sometimes I don’t even know what love is.
Sometimes I can’t even see what’s right from wrong.

Hell, I don’t even know how it feels to be treated correctly.

In a whole other universe that’s where my head be.
Stepping out of this body and floating oversea.

Oversea to you, sitting on the rooftop of a car or just me and you at the beach with the blue sea.

I wonder , I wonder am I sometimes even on your mind.

This world so big, but still I crave for that one.
Slipped away or maybe faith..

I could right a whole book about anybody or everybody, instead I’m on WordPress writing my emotions, my poems, my thoughts and 99% y’all in it.

More than one, it should be.
More than one, it could be.


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