Killing me softly

Laying in bed rubbing my eyes looking at my phone, dry.
Dry like the dessert the only notification is from my mom saying I should not forget to babysit my little nieces.

The clock is ticking, it’s almost 10 o’clock. I don’t want to wake up and put on some make up. I just wanna lay in the bed covered with blankets in a sea full off comfort.

The dishes ain’t done yet it has stayed for day’s in the sink. I haven’t had a good meal in months. But yet I seem to crave for spicy chicken everyday.

I’m trying, I’m trying but it feels like the walls are talking to me to not do shit. So I lay a couple of minutes.

I finally wake up, stand up, wash my face off. I walked through my wannabe walk in closet to see what I’m to gonna wear. Out of despair for myself I always choose a track suite. Because it suits me well, can’t you tell..

It’s the beginning of the noon as I ride my bike through these streets. The only thing that’s on my mind is what should I eat.

As I struggle to open the door while i push my bike in to the hall. I hear my mother voice, yelling as always about shit that don’t face me.
I see my baby niece in the living room, sitting on her I-pad the kid is 4.
And she already has an I-pad with her sitting on the floor.

As my mother leave, she yells at me one more time. I don’t know what she was saying but like I said I don’t care at all.

I open my phone. shit still dry ass hell.

It’s killing me softly.


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