You know how it goes. You try to talk to me and you couldn’t even see I’m not interested.

You try to holla, say what’s up, what I be doing.
I say I’m fine nothing much, just working and chilling with my girls.

You say I make it hard for you, I say how.
You say you mean it the right way, but which way is the right way..?

You irritate me, I can’t talk to you know more.
That’s for sure.

I ignore your message, your calls..
And then press delete..

You still pop up, ughh what a show off.
You said sleep well my darling.. I reply ‘goodnight bro’

And months pass by, I see it.

Another girl in your life, oh well I’m happy for you.

Wel bro good luck you escaped the friendzone.

I’m fine on my own.


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