still answer your calls..

Still answer ‘your’ calls when ‘they’ don even answer at all.

How can the guy you thought not like them be like them.
How can you pull up, be different, act different, say different.

You pull up, fucks the hell out of me and say shit..
Shit I know never come true.

Tell me you like me, wanna see me often, I laugh it off..
You say, you fo real. I know it’s fake..

So the weekend pass by.
No text during the week.
Only at weekends.

I try to hold it in, becaus when I laughed it off a part of me believed you.

A part of me trust you.
A part of me was in to you.
A part of me liked you.

Day’s go by.

I Still answer ‘your’ calls when ‘they’ don even answer at all.


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